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Cannabis Candy Co.


Cannabis Candy Co. offers a huge line of candies in flavors for anyones taste. Each different candy style is available in packages of 300mg, 10mg per gummie with the choice of an infused treat in Indica, Sativa, and Pre CBD. We only currently offer the Indica because it has the most healig benefits. These fun and delicious gummies are infused with Co2 extract and SC Lab tested!

Here is what we currently have available:



Cannabis Candy Sweet and Sours 150mg Indica

Strain type: Indica

Description: The Sweet & Sours are friendly little bear cubs that pack a puckering punch. A surprisingly complex combination of sweet and sour in every ferocious bite. With 150mg of indica THC per pack, these little cubs are sure to help you hibernate for the evening.

Cannabis Candy Sweet and Sours

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